Are we too dependent on technology?

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What will the technology of the future look like?

Are we too dependent on technology?

I say yes. And here’s my reasoning: what am I typing this on? A PC, which is a piece of technology. I could also be typing it (and then publish it!!!) straight from my cell phone. Man, I remember when all you could do on cell phones was call people and play Snake! Times are a-changing, that’s for sure. Last night I read a book from a piece of technology (my Amazon Kindle)!

But back to the topic of this article. I recently read a book series  (“One Second After”) where the United States is hit with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, and it really opened my eyes. What would happen to society if, suddenly, our cars stopped running. Our air conditioners stopped functioning. If you live out in the country you might be able to manage, somewhat, but those in the cities? Rioting would surely erupt once the food supplies were exhausted. It would be mayhem.

So yeah, I’d say that we’re too dependent on technology. And that’s fine so long as its working – but if it ever stops thanks to an EMP, nuclear detonation, or whatever other awful weapons mankind manages to devise in the next hundred years – we will not be ready. Look at New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina – you saw people looting, stealing cars, food, and anything else they could carry away with them.

It never hurts to be prepared. This is especially true for people with brain injuries – who may not be able to think quickly on their feet in a crisis situation, and instead may have to rely on others for guidance and support. This is why having a good support system is always a great idea if you have a brain injury. Joining a local brain injury support group is also an excellent idea. I received so much useful information from the previous group I belonged to, that I really cannot thank them enough.

We spend far too much time inside, watching TV, using our computers, playing video games and not enough time outside. I’m guilty of this myself. When I was a kid I absolutely loved being outside. What changed? Was it me or the world around me?

I think that’s a pretty heavy topic, so I won’t be tackling it today. But stay tuned!

Anyway, as always, thanks for reading, and have a pleasant day! <3

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