I survived Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma battered Florida for hours on Sunday and Monday. And I was smack dab in the middle of it. I believe that the eye may even have passed over my house!


This was the path of Irma.

And I realized that me and my family were somewhat prepared, but not as much as I’d have liked to have been for not having electricity for close to three days. For instance, I would have loved to have had a generator. Our kind neighbor across the street who has one was nice enough to let me charge my phone at his house. This is after all of my Anker portable charging devices had run out of juice themselves. (I cannot recommend these things enough – even if you never have to live through a natural disaster, they’re still a fantastic way to charge up your phone/iPad/whathaveyou).

I had enough water on hand, thanks to Zephyrhills water delivery service. When our water guy saw the storm coming, he made sure to bring us extra. Keeping it cold was a bit difficult, but not insurmountable. Making coffee was also relatively easy, thanks to a Coleman camping stove that we had bought for just this reason. We also made some chili on that stove.

I made sure that we had a full tank of gas a couple of days before the storm hit – because, as I had expected, every gas station in town ran out at some point.

We had plenty of food (peaches, chili, etc) so we didn’t go hungry. And on the last day before power finally came back on, the nice people over at Mac’s Meat Market and Deli cooked up some chicken and hotdogs outside of their store.

Jason grilling up some chicken and hot dogs!

Had I not lived in such a small town, I’m not sure I would have gotten through this as easily as I did. Sure, not having air conditioning in Florida in what is essentially still summer sucks, but we managed. That’s even after all of our portable fan batteries died, as did their replacements.

I definitely plan on buying a few more portable chargers – as well as a couple battery powered fans. That is once I get internet back. As of this writing, I still do not have internet. But if you’re reading this, then that means I did eventually get my wifi back (yay!)

The destruction was pretty widespread across my entire state. Here’s an overturned truck in Miami:

Image credit: Carlos Barria/Reuters

Moral of the story: it never hurts to be prepared. Even if you never end up using your disaster supplies, you’ll sleep easier knowing that you’re prepared for anything that mother nature, or even mankind, throws your way.

If you want to check out Macs Meat Market and Deli’s Facebook page, and maybe give them a like, here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/macsdelimeats/

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