Are mobile games helpful in dealing with brain injuries?

Just in case you didn't believe me ;-)

Just in case you didn’t believe me 😉

How useful are mobile games in helping traumatic brain injury?

When I say mobile games, I’m referring to things such as Words With Friends, Candy Crush Saga, and the like. I can’t find any data online to support either one side or the other, so I’m just going to use anecdotal evidence (namely my own experiences with them).

I have found Words With Friends to be especially helpful to me. In fact, to date I have won 1,470 games (while losing 687,and tying 9 times). But then I’ve always been more of a wordsmith than most people. I attribute this to my private schooling and my mother constantly reading to me when I was a child.

Candy Crush Saga is also helpful, I think. It forces you to use your brain (never a bad thing) and see patterns. Words With Friends is completely free (unless you want to remove the ads). Candy Crush Saga is always trying to sell me something, whether its extra moves, extra lives, or “boosters” – which are very helpful candies to have. I’m currently stuck on level 110 in Candy Crush – though I’ve been playing the game for over three years. So I’m not sure whether my progress would be considered a “success” or not haha

Anyway, those are just some thoughts I had whilst playing my morning game of Words With Friends on the toilet (come on, you know you do it too!)

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